for download, on the "Download File" button and wait for the window to appear, then choose where to store the files and wait for the download to finish.

If you do not download management software, it is recommended to download the files you download a software management and especially internet download manager use.

If you experience problems downloading files simply download link at the end of a question mark? Put up files can easily be downloaded.

placed to download files faster downloads are compressed to reduce the size and to extract files from compressed mode of application Winrar or similar use.

password to open the zip file is. All letters should be typed in small and when typing on the status of EN / FA keyboard note is also better to type the password and Copy-Paste it to do so.

If during removal of the decompressed file with CRC error message, if you have entered the correct password. The downloaded file is corrupted and you must download it again. However, large files are recovered using Winrar software has the ability to enter the Tools menu and select the Repair option to download files problem has been solved.

files may crack due to the nature of performance when used by the virus to be identified as a dangerous file in such cases temporarily disable your antivirus.